Jan 28th in #OSRRcourse

At long last, here is the firefly data. I’ve encouraged the students to take a look, poke around at it, and come to class armed with questions tomorrow. The metadata are a bit thin as an exercise for the students 🙂

These data are a subset of the KBS ladybeetle database 
(Our class database is slightly more up to date than this web version as we’re still doing data entry for the other taxa in the database)

I took the liberty of pulling it from the database with the actual treatment names/habitat details (rather than just “T4” and the like). The firefly data represents  “by-catch”- that is, a taxon that we catch in our traps but aren’t specifically looking for in our experiment. We started recording them in 2004.

Tomorrow, we will be discussing scientific authorship, and where data reuse fits into it all. Here’s the lesson plan for that.

Yesterday, we had a guest lecture by Stephanie Wright on metadata and data reuse plans- all relevant materials are linked here.




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