Today in #OSRRcourse 1-19

Hi Class!

By now, you should have all received invitations to become authors on this blog. As of right now, I will begin logging our announcements and instructions for the day here so we all have them in chronological format.

Today, we’re learning about spreadsheets.  You can take a look at my lesson plan here.

I’m assuming you all use Microsoft Excel as your primary spreadsheet program- if you use something else, let me know.

On Thursday, we will discuss your work assignments for the remainder of the semester- I’ve summarized them here:

Take a look and start thinking about which topics you’re interested in leading or writing reflections for. If you’re feeling bold, you can edit the page and put your name in the table in the appropriate locations, and send me a pull request (I will explain what that means down the road). I’ll also aim to get the dataset that we will be using for our major project ready for Thursday. There’s some data entry to do- namely the most recent two years have not been uploaded to the database. By the end of this course, I expect you’ll all be pros and this undertaking will be trivial to you, but in the meanwhile, I think it would be cruel and unusual to hand you this in its current state. Ah, data management. It’s an ongoing process.






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